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Tax Problems? We Can Help!

Looking for an expert to help you take off your mind from the worries of endless tax deductions and credits? Not sure how to properly calculate your taxes? Battling with backlogs and IRS tax problems?

Contact us today. We are expert tax specialists and would love to handle your taxes for you.

Assurance, Peace of Mind, & Accuracy

Our tax preparation services are a great value for you and your business.

We understand that most of us are pro-DIY these days. Your individual or business tax preparation is however not something you want to leave to chance.

We are experts in all types of income tax for individuals and small businesses, non-profit organizations inclusive.

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Tax Preparation for Truck Drivers

If you are a commercial truck operator who needs to file tax returns, you have come to the right place. Many of our clients came to us with 5+ years of tax returns that needed to be filed. During that time paperwork was lost due to divorce, house fire, floods, health challenges, or other natural disasters. They had no idea what to do to solve the problem, or where to turn to.  We stepped in and resolved their tax problems 100%. Most of them have told us time and time again how thankful they are to us, and that they will be clients for life. We have also helped many of their colleagues whom they have referred to us, and they too have enjoyed the same results.

Find out how we can serve you! Call (800)-707-8612. or request a free consultation now.

Individual Tax Preparation

Whether you have a single job and are required to file a 1040-EZ or you have rental properties or self-employment, our tax preparers are trained to handle all aspects of your tax return.

We’re constantly searching for new deductions and tax breaks we can use to save you money on taxes.

Choose us today for your tax preparation and be up to date on all the latest updates and revisions to the State and Federal tax regulations.

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Small Business Tax Preparation

Business tax return preparation and filing instructions are at the core of the services we offer to our clients.

Are you battling with complicated tax returns that need to be filed? Perhaps a divorce or Trust Income Tax got in the way of your filing your taxes. Regardless of the scenario, we can help.

New business owners often time focus so intently on profits and survival and lose track of their bookkeeping and income tax reporting until tax season. Hasty tax preparation is how costly mistakes happen. Let’s avoid that together.

Regardless of your business entity type, Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Non-Profits -- Tax Resource Group is able to prepare the tax return efficiently and accurately. We also offer payroll tax, sales tax, and tangible tax returns.

IRS Problem Resolution

Are you staying up all night worrying about your IRS problems?

Perhaps you have received the much dreaded "Intent to Levy" notice. Have you found yourself in a position of willful non-compliance? (Willful non-compliance is a situation where an individual or business has habitually and willfully refused to comply with filing their tax returns). This can bring an element of tax evasion to the table and further complicate the problem.

We bring solutions to your IRS-related issues.

We have an extensive history of helping folks deal with troubled tax files. We’ll gather all your financial information, file the tax returns, and help you deal with any unpaid balances. We’ll help you file a limited power of attorney for tax purposes and talk to the IRS and State on your behalf.

Sooner than you think, this problem will be resolved, and you’ll be able to put it behind you.

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Tax Planning

We are staffed to handle your tax service planning to ensure you get the help you need regardless of your circumstances.

We’ll tailor your ongoing tax planning and accounting needs to suit your specific requirement. Rest assured, we’ll maintain your confidentiality and deliver the best possible tax solutions.

Plan your taxes ahead today to avoid financial hardship and penalties.

We Can Help. Call Today at  (800)-707-8612. or register for a free consultation and tell us how we can help you.

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