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Tax Resource Group

Our Process

Tax Resource Group is dedicated to providing the highest level of superior, personalized tax and accounting services. To achieve this, we assign a Case Manager, an Enrolled Agent, an Accountant, and a Bookkeeper to every one of our clients.

  • The Case Manager is there to be a constant point of contact. Think of them as your virtual bookkeeping concierge. Your case manager will provide up-to-the-minute status of your account, help gather your monthly financial documents, and assure that your project is kept on track every month.
  • The Enrolled Agent is there to talk to the IRS or State Taxing Authority on your behalf. Because of their designation, the IRS is required to send us copies of any notices or letters they send to you. Of course, any documents received will be added to your file and kept for future reference. It’s kind of like a safety net to make sure nothing is missed.
  • The Bookkeeper is responsible for all the financial data entry. They really do all the heavy lifting for the team. Currently, we use QuickBooks ® as well as our accounting database. Immediately your bookkeeper receives all your financial data from the Case Manager, they go on to input the information and then prepare the file for the Accountant assigned to your file.
  • The Accountant takes care of all the technical financial needs for your account. They are also responsible for the reconciliation of your financial records, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and keeping things for the coming tax season. The accountant assigned to you will be responsible for constantly evaluating your structure and operations to find improvements that can be made to mitigate unnecessary tax liability.